What to Do if You Chipped or Broke a Tooth?

man in a dental chair smiling next to a female hygienist

You bit down on your favorite hard food and chipped or perhaps even broke a crown – what now? You want it fixed quickly and don’t want to sacrifice quality, a same-day dental crown may be an option. First, it’s time to consider a few things before a decision is made.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a necessary tooth restoration process that places a cap on top of and surrounds a vulnerable tooth. Restoring the shape and color of a tooth is an art form, one that Dr. Dan at Ponderosa Dental has practiced and refined. His priority is that every patient has a lasting repair and is pleased with their smile when they walk out of his Missoula, Montana practice.

Why Would I Need a Dental Crown?

Deciding when a crown is necessary is best left to a dental professional. Most often crowns are needed when a tooth is broken, cracked, worn down or damaged so much so that a traditional filling won’t allow for restoration of its natural function.
If a tooth is cracked from trauma to the face, for example, a crown can hold the tooth together and protect it from further damage. Crowns can also be used to cover a discolored tooth, attach a bridge or prevent a fracture in a weak tooth.

I Need a Dental Crown Fast!

The first step is to call Ponderosa Dental Group at 406-542-0030. They will get you scheduled with Dr. Dan McFarland. If it is determined that you need a crown, a pain-free 3D digital scan of the affected and surrounding teeth. What had previously taken multiple gooey impressions to achieve can now be easily done with a non-invasive digital scan. This state of the art technology takes hundreds of digital images of the entire mouth. Dr. Dan will shape the tooth getting the crown so that it will properly fit over it. The digital images are then converted for use by Romexis, a 3D modeling system. This technology creates a virtual model of your mouth in just minutes.
The scans are then converted into digital impressions that are used to mill the 100% CEREC crown while you wait in our Missoula, Montana office. No temporary crown and schedule shifting to get your smile back. Ponderosa Dental Group same-day crowns are made of durable ceramic (called Emax), ensuring it won’t darken your teeth as the crown ages. One single appointment, no messy impressions and no follow-up required.
If you would like to learn more about same-day crowns and the other advanced technology we use at our office to improve your smile, please call Ponderosa Dental Group and schedule your appointment with Missoula’s best dentist, Dr. Dan, and make 2022 the year of the smile!
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