Dental Plans

We now offer in-house dental insurance plans! Take a look at the plan details below. Please contact us with any questions.

Plan Option 1

happy couple smiling, mom with daughter on her back and father with son on back

Adults: $390 annually
Kids under 16: $280 annually

*Cost for new patients is an additional $100 to cover initial comprehensive evaluation and full mouth panoramic x-ray.

Enrollment in plan for 1 calendar year includes:

  • Two routine prophylaxis cleanings by your Hygienist
    • If you require periodontal maintenance, you will be able to use your hygiene benefits towards these appointments and the remaining balance will be discounted at 15%
  • Two oral cancer screenings
  • Annual periodic oral examination by your Doctor
  • Annual periodontal examination by your Hygienist
  • Annual set of bitewing X-rays
  • 15% discount off all other dental procedures, including all specialty services.

*A savings of $61 for established patients and $102 for new patients, not including the 15% additional savings on all other treatment.