You’ve almost certainly heard of Botox, but do you know the range of benefits it can offer you? Whether you are interested in more youthful skin, banishing migraines, or relieving TMJ symptoms, there is a Botox treatment for you.

Here at Ponderosa Dental Group, we are proud to offer both cosmetic Botox, and Botox treatments for pain relief.

Cosmetic Botox

young blonde woman extending her hand and reaching for someone to go on an adventure with her outsideIf you are experiencing wrinkles and face lines on your skin that are effecting your smile, Botox could be the solution. Botox works by relaxing your wrinkle-causing muscles, creating a smoothed and improved appearance. Botox is administered via a few tiny injections of purified protein in to the muscles to block impulses that trigger wrinkle-causing muscle contractions.

With our cosmetic Botox, we can reduce crow’s feet, worry lines and other wrinkles to help you look just the way you want. Botox is a simple & quick, minimally invasive treatment that delivers dramatic results with no downtime.

Enjoy renewed confidence in your appearance after a Botox treatment with our caring staff members.

Botox for Pain Relief

One of Botox’s lesser-known but highly useful functions is as a pain reliever. If you suffer from jaw pain due to excessive teeth clenching or grinding, a Botox treatment could change your life for the better.

Just as Botox can relax muscles to increase skin smoothness, it can also relax muscles in your jaw to greatly reduce the intensity of your clenching or grinding. An application of Botox could be what you need to eliminate your jaw, neck, or face pain, as well as TMJ- induced migraines.

There’s no reason to suffer from treatable pain. If any of the TMJ side effects listed above apply to you, consider investing in the relief that a Botox treatment can provide.

Call today to set up an appointment or learn more about how you can benefit from Botox!